Working on Myself for Myself

I have been on the receiving end of some coaching the last few weeks, working on changing my thought processes and how I attach emotions and feelings to food. It is really starting to help and I am teaching my brain different pathways- which is freaking HARD. I’m also learning that it’s ok to say no. Saying no doesn’t mean deprivation, it means sticking things that work for me and for my body.

Years ago, I was heavily involved with weight watchers and that was the time when I started associating foods as either “good or bad.” and I also got into the mindset of “I’ll start over next week.” I’m just going to take the pressure off myself this week, but TOMORROW…I’ll be perfect. Guess what. Tomorrow never came.

I have been using an app called Lose It, the last week or so. And my mindset has totally changed. I’m logging and tracking everything, but it’s not making me feel like the foods are good or bad foods, it’s actually making me feel in control of my choices. I have 0 sense of deprivation and it’s new and exciting. For now, I’m just sticking with a carb limit of 15-30 for breakfast and any snacks and then 45-60 for lunch and dinner. Some days I switch those around, so if I have a carb heavier breakfast, I’ll go lighter for lunch. I am learning that it’s totally possible to have all the foods I love, but it’s all about portions and fitting it into my day.

I’m still in the process of setting up this site how I want it. I have a ton of ideas, but I need to just focus and go for it instead of just thinking about it. I’m trying to figure out the best way to set up the workout programs and plans that I have, but having a hard time getting that going. For now I just post on Instagram, but I want to have a space that’s permanent…which is why I’m bringing this space back to life. Slowly…but I’ll get there!

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