What I Ate Wednesday

I have searched and searched and I can’t find a link up for today- it is Wednesday, right? It’s ok, I’ll just go ahead and post anyway.

Breakfast– 2 pancakes from last night that I used as the base for my egg sandwich.


Lunch– Everything in the produce drawer salad with a dill pickle added. If you have never added a pickle to your salad- try it. So good. Topped with croutons and ranch because, well, why not.


Dinner – I went to a pampered chef party tonight, so before that, we feasted on Papa Romano’s.


One ham, one pepperoni. This pizza is so thick and so delicious, I am 100% stuffed after two slices.


…speaking of Pampered Chef, it was my first party and holy crap. I want it all!! I had to bring the catalog home because I couldn’t make a choice on anything tonight and need more time to decide. If you’re a Pampered Chef fan, what are your must have items?

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