Weeklong Recap

I had intentions every single day last week of putting up a post, and every day it got moved down farther and farther down my list and here we are a week later and I’m finally taking a minute to post. Last week was the last week of school, my 10 year old’s first dance recital and just us trying to get into our summer routine and schedules. This post will be more picture heavy vs. words.

Firs Day vs Last Day (my now 8th grader didn’t want to pose for either the first or last day, so he misses out). The outfits were not planned, I had no idea they were similar until I went searching for the first day pictures.


Last day of school beach party.



Boat Day



Dress rehearsal- Karlie had her first year of dance this year and took a Jazz class, the studio did a production of WICKED and Karlie’s class performed to Loathing.

*Fun fact – I also went to this dance studio and it’s so crazy to see so many of now dance moms that used to dance there a million years ago.


Saturday afternoon was the recital and it was an amazing show! These dancers worked their tails off all year long and it was a time for them to shine…they totally did!


…and that brings us to today! Hopefully I’ll be back to regular posting, but if not, I’ll still be on Instagram. Have a fantastic week!!

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