Weekend Wrap Up


It doesn’t happen often, but when it does- the whole state comes out of hibernation. This past weekend and it’s going to continue for the next few days – we are sunny and in the mid 60’s up here in Michigan. It’s magical. On Saturday, I started off the day with a nice, super sweaty workout and then we ran a few errands, I took my oldest daughter to her book club meeting at the library and then we spent the rest of the afternoon at the park.



Instead of sitting on the bench at the playground, I took advantage of the walking path that circles the playground and walked some laps. I was not feeling spending time in the kitchen making dinner, so we decided last minute to go out. Apparently our entire area was feeling the same way because the first 3 restaurants we tried had over 45 minute waits. Not ideal with a 2 year old, but the 4th place was a winner and we were in and out relatively quickly.

On Sunday morning, I started the day with Cardio Boxing


We went to Church, came home for the toddler to nap and then over to my Mom’s house who has decided to embark on her own health and fitness journey. Her neighborhood is 1 mile around, so we went for 2 laps before dinner and 1 more lap after dinner.




Minus the two youngest- all of them walked the entire time with us. The 2 little ladies enjoyed being pushed in their respective strollers.


Sufficiently worn out after a fun and active weekend.


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