Weekend Wrap Up

High School wrestling has taken over our lives. Starting this past Saturday and continuing every weekend until March, there is a wrestling tournament. #holdme.


Tyler has never wrestled before, so this is a whole new world for me! He had to be at the tournament Saturday at 7:30am and it was about an hour away. The one key thing about wrestling tournaments that I learned, there is a LOT of sitting and waiting and watching tons of other kids wrestling. The meet started at 9am, Tyler’s first match was at about 2:30. Since I knew it was going to be a long time before he wrestled, I took the chance to finish up some Christmas shopping and treated myself to a lunch (by myself!!) at Panera Bread.


He ended up placing 4th place, and was so excited to learn that the top 4 got medals.


After that was over, we speed raced our way home and met up with my husband and the other kids for our Church’s Christmas dinner party.



The older two kids thought they were too old, but they will still cooperate for me (and their baby sister) so we met Santa. Emma didn’t cry until 3.2 seconds after this picture was taken.


Chocolate made it all better.


Yesterday, we got hit with our first snow storm. I think the total was just over 10”.


Thanks to the husband’s truck, we were still able to make it to my Mom’s for Sunday dinner and that truck cut through the snow like hot butter. It was awesome! We made it home just in time to get the official phone call that school was cancelled for today.


It was a crazy, packed weekend, but we all managed to survive, get where we needed to be and have fun along the way!


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