Weekend Wrap Up

Back in June, myself and one other person at Church was asked if we would be in charge of our annual Christmas party. Because it’s a dinner party for 250+ people, we started planning it in August.

Friday night we spent a few hours setting everything up.


It was a ton of planning, hard work and exhausting, but also so worth it! I think everyone had a great time, but I would be lying if I didn’t say I’m SO happy it is done! I am so done thinking and planning for this party, I’m glad it’s off my list of things to do. At the end of the night, all of the children put on a live nativity, it’s tradition and so fun to watch every year.


Today was spent going to Church this morning, home for lunch and naps and then dinner at my mom’s. A nice, relaxing day before the craziness of this week begins tomorrow. I found this picture on my mom’s phone tonight, we went to see santa a couple of weeks ago. I guess you could say Emma was not a fan. She was SO excited when we were waiting in line…and then she got close to him.

Can you believe Christmas is THIS week?!

Are you ready? I am not. Almost, but still have a few things to do.


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