Weekend Wrap Up

Friday night, the husband and two boys headed to a local campground with other Dads and boys for the annual Father/Son campout with our Church. So, me and the two girls met my Mom for dinner and then home to watch a movie and I’m pretty sure all three of us were in bed before 9:30. Party freaking animals.

Saturday morning, they were my workout buddies. If you have ever tried to exercise with a toddler in the room, that in and of itself becomes a workout, but we make it work.


It was such a gorgeous morning, we packed up and headed to the park. Last time we went, Emma was barely crawling, now that she’s walking, her mind was totally blown by the park. At first she just stood there and wouldn’t move and then she was everywhere, climbing on every thing, but 100% terrified of the slides. Screamed blood freaking murder.



Sunday was pretty standard, Church, home for naps and then over to my Mom’s house for dinner.


These blackberries never had a chance.


and now we are back to Monday- the last Monday of the school year. As of tomorrow, it’s 3 months of no alarm clocks, no packing lunches at 6am and saying good bye to strict routines and schedules. SOOOOOO ready. Today was also the last dance class of the year, dress rehearsal is later this week with the big show this weekend.


Emma crashed early tonight- we took advantage. Haha.


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