Weekend Wrap Up

Hello Hello. Took a brief break due to sickness…UGHHGGHHH. Hated it, but thankfully, we are all feeling better and everyone was back to work and school today.

I have been trying all day to try and get a video to post here of my 10 year old performing in her school talent show on Friday, but it’s not working, so if you’re interested; here is the link. She’s a rock star.

Saturday was really low key, we ran a few errands, went to lunch and just hung out at home before going out to dinner with my Mom and Karlie. We went to this new (to use) Japanese Steakhouse, Sagano.

I had never been there before, but we all wanted something new and food we don’t always eat, so we went for it.


We all decided on traditional Hibachi meals, I ordered chicken and my Mom and Karlie ordered the steak. Our meal started with soup;


I have no idea what kind of soup this was, but reminded me of a cross between ramen noodles and chicken noodle soup. Whatever it was called, it was delicious.

Next up- salad. I LOOVED the dressing- it was a ginger/peanut dressing and it was perfect.


…and then the main event. There was SO much food being thrown on our plates, I couldn’t get a picture of all of it. But we each had meat, shrimp, fried rice, noodles and vegetables. We brought home 3 to go boxes full of food.




Me and my favorite 1o year old.

Sunday we went to Church, home for naps and then over to my Mom’s house for our weekly dinner with my brothers and their families. Spaghetti night = shirts off.


On the way home, we were embarassing our kids by listening to 90’s on 9


Aiden (7 year old): WHAT is this?

Me: One of the great classics of the 90’s. Mommy and Daddy were in high school.


Aiden: Great. Now we have to listen to oldies.

…yep. That was the moment we realized we are old. Haha. Now that my laptop is about to die, and of course I can’t find the power cord, it’s time to hit publish and call it a night!

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