Weekend Wrap Up

A week since my last post- sorry, just needed the break. I really didn’t have much to say and I didn’t want to force a post. I have talked about this before, how I’m in this new, weird phase in life. I have been a stay at home mom for 9 years now. At the time, I had a newborn, 2 and 5 year old. I thought I would never, ever see the day when I would have downtime and time to myself. My kids are now 14, 12, 9 and almost 3. My older kids are in their own worlds of high school, middle school, sports, etc. The almost 3 year old is my sidekick.  On Friday, she wrapped her arms around my neck, gave me a huge hug and said – mama, you’re my best friend. Heart.Melt.


But, she’s also not needing me 100% of the day, so I’m left with- what now. I used to have dreams about returning to my old legal assistant job, but now after being home for so long- yikes. No thanks. I have no interest in that anymore. So as much as I love being a stay at home mom, I have been craving something else and ya know…$$$. Over the last year, I have secretly looking in to different work from home companies. I decided last week that I knew which one had my heart and on Friday, I made it official. I am now an AdvoCare Distributor.  (<— that link will take you to my direct website.)

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Saturday night our Church had a winter formal for kids 14-18 and my oldest went with a bunch of friends. Aren’t they the cutest? He’s the one all the way to the left.


After we dropped him off, we went to a local restaurant and I tried their Greek street food dish. This was phenomenal! The chicken was so full of flavor, I wanted to keep eating long after I was full and Greek salads own my soul. Feta cheese makes it the best and their homemade dressing was perfectly tangy and full of flavor.



Yesterday was the usual Church and then dinner at my Mom’s house.


My workouts this weekend were days 5 and 6 of my 60 days of Turbo Jam challenge.



We are back to the grind today, school work, laundry that I let pile up all weekend and is now taunting me. And apparently Winter does not want to leave, we are supposed to get about 5” of snow through today and tomorrow. My kids were hoping for a snow day today, I just laughed at them. Not even a 1% chance with that small amount of snow, but nice try kiddies Winking smile  Have a great day!!!

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