Vanilla Mango Shake

20 Minutes of Cardio and some ab work to start the day.



Fiber time! This stuff is not my favorite and it takes everything out of me to chug it down, but it makes things work if you know what I mean and it lives up to it’s claim of appetite suppressant. I was busy running around all day long, we were given 24 hours notice for an appraisal last night. Not selling, just re-financing, but I was stressed out anyway! I didn’t take many pictures at all, or take time out to eat much, but I did break for this shake.


Vanilla Advocare Meal Replacement Shake with Frozen Mango


1 cup of the mango chunks, 1 cup of water and the packet of vanilla shake. Blend until smooth and creamy.


I think the appraisal went well, we’ll find out in a few days! I was about 1,000 steps short of my 10K streak, so I tuned on Netflix and watched Orange is the New Black (OBSESSED!!!) until I hit my goal.


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