Trainer in Training

5 years ago I was thinking of going back to work, but not in the field I had been in previously (once upon a time I was a legal assistant) and thought it would be fun to be a Certified Personal Trainer. I studied hard, took and passed the test…and then found out Emma would be joining our family. Before long, life with 4 kids took over and I put everything on the back burner and then my certification expired.

Fast forward 5 years and I’m about to be in a similar situation, where in a little over a year (Fall 2019), Emma will be starting Kindergarten and I’ll be officially done with that chapter in our lives. Fun fact, the September that Emma starts Kindergarten, Tyler will be a Senior in high school.

I was going to use the company that I used before to re-new my CPT certification until I researched and found that NONE of the gyms in our area accept that certification, so I would have to go through someone else. Enter- NASM.  I called and talked to someone over the weekend and after talking to Spence, I went ahead and officially enrolled yesterday in the CPT program!

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So now I have the next 6 months to study and take the test and then I’ll be doing something I haven’t done in over 10 years…job hunting!

I will still be doing Advocare, of course, but this is another way to share my love of health and fitness with the world.

Break out the highlighters and notebooks- mama is going to school!

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