1. Christmas Pajamas


Matching cousins – it’s the best.


2. Elf on the Shelf

This one pains me and I swore I would never let that little creep in our house.

Image result for creepy elf on the shelf meme

But then one day my now 3rd grader was in Kindergarten and was devastated that everyone in his class had an elf at their house and he didn’t.  So now, we have Trixie.


3. Christmas movies

We have a long list of must watch movies- Elf, Home Alone, Christmas with the Kranks, Four Christmases, The Santa Clause, It’s a Wonderful Life and the ultimate; Christmas Vacation.

Image result for Christmas Vacation

4. Christmas Eve with the family. The year my Dad died, we did not want to leave my Mom alone, so on Christmas Eve morning, we all just gathered at the house and hung out. Now, it’s a big all day party with extended family too. The past 6 years we have also stayed the night and everyone and their families opened gifts together, but with as many kids and grandkids that are involved now, we have decided this year we will be waking up at our own house on Christmas morning. But, the Christmas Eve party will still go strong!


5. Bright Lights Display. This is a new one this year, a local city decorates their downtown with a huge light display to drive thru. We went a few weeks ago and it was the perfect kick off to the Christmas season. All of the kids loved it and said we should do it every year.




And that’s it. Our favorite family traditions!

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