Top 5 Health & Fitness Goals

As I have been working on getting back into shape, I have been thinking a lot about the goals I have and why I’m doing this. So, in no particular order:

1. Get my Group Fitness leader certification

2. Climb these sand dunes. We went a few years ago, and I was at the top taking pictures knowing that there was NO way I could climb the 400’ dunes to get back up.

3. To say I DID IT! This was me just 2 years ago. The girl in the after picture, she was so happy, so confident and ready to take on the world.


4. Not gonna lie, I want to wear cute clothes again! So sick of yoga pants and baggy shirts because that’s all that covers everything right now.


5. The biggest reason of all- to beat Diabetes. Hopefully I can get my body working again and get my pancreas to function again so I will no longer be insulin dependent.

I did not get a picture of any of my meals yesterday- but I am making up for that today 😉 But, I did manage to get in a workout last night. The last of my Turbo Jam DVD’s Turbo Sculpt. I have such exercise ADD, I don’t understand how people can do the same DVD’s 90 days in a row. I’m sick of them after a week and need new voices and people to look at.

Also brought back #plankaday. Before getting pregnant with Emma, I was up to an almost 3:00 plank. 4 c-sections mean my core lacks, well, everything. I’m 100% healed from my last c-section, so it’s time to build up the core again.


Question of the day: Have any health & fitness goals to share?


  1. Marcia says:

    You can do it Jen! Love your goals. My obsession right now is learning to swim for this tri I signed up for in June. I loathe it but I’m determined to learn finally.

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