The Humble Resistance Band

Raise your hand if you got to sleep more than 6 hours in a row last night…

I was so excited when I woke up to my alarm clock and Emma slept all night long. It’s the little things.

Breakfast was two slices of whole wheat bread topped with crunchy peanut butter and pineapple  preserves– I bought that for a rec and only needed a tablespoon and it is amazing and my new favorite toast topper.


And my favorite way to wake up, Mango Strawberry Spark mixed with strawberry sparkling water. I blend it with the immersion blender so there are no powder chunks.


My workout today utilized the humble resistance band (Turbo Jam’s 3T). I always forget about how much I adore this piece of equipment, it looks sweet and innocent, but it can pack quite the punch and have your muscles screaming for mercy.



Here are some workouts I found on Pinterest utilizing the resistance band. I love it because you can take the band anywhere and get a fantastic workout.

Para un duro (pero posible) entrenamiento banda de resistencia. | 29 Diagrams To Help You Get In Shape

This workout is going to enhance your arms so you can feel confident while wearing that tank top of yours. Or bikini, you know. & guys, I know you like arm workouts so here you go. Switch up your daily routine and add in a little resistance to enhance...

Kiss Your Weakness GOODBYE: 1500 Rep Resistance Band Workout

I wanted to love my lunch today, but I just didn’t. We were out running errands and the last stop was Costco, I picked up this asian chicken wrap, but the wrap was soggy, the broccoli slaw and crispy noodles were wilted and no longer crispy. Blah. Basically a waste of $$…which I HATE.

Snack on the road- hardboiled egg and these fan-freaking-tastic Chipotle peanuts.



After nap, after school snack was Chobani Raspberry Lemon yogurt and sliced strawberries.




Dinner was simple and delicious- baked rigatoni, romaine lettuce with feta cheese and croutons on the side.


I consider dinner a success when all of the salad disappears first.


Toddler approved.


  1. Britt@MyOwnBalance says:

    I love resistance bands! They are so easy to travel with so they are perfect when you are on the go.

    I slept for more than six hours in a row and now I feel even more tired. How weird is that?

    • Jen@jpabstfitness says:

      She is my only baby who hasn’t been sleeping through the night consistently, she’s over a year old. I’m exhausted and need my sleep!

    • Jen@jpabstfitness says:

      It is SO good, if you see a jar, try it out!
      Hahaha- I had that same thought when I was doing squats with the bands!

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