Thanksgiving 2019

My Mom is allergic to turkey and my Dad was always in charge of getting it in the oven, when he died in 2010, I took over. I think this year’s was one of the best. I don’t do anything fancy, just basic seasonings and then I baste with chicken broth every hour. I also kept it covered in foil until the last hour and then it got nice and golden brown without drying out the inside.

Once I got that in the oven, my plan was to go upstairs and knock out 2 miles on my mom’s treadmill. I made it 6 minutes and the treadmill died. It has been in our garage for 5 years and before that was in someone’s basement. When they gave it to us, they said they weren’t sure how long it would last. I still feel bad for killing it though!

The rest of the afternoon was spent hanging out with family and making all of the sides and dessert. I didn’t get many pictures of the food, but this one sweet potato souffle that was SOOO soo good! I don’t even like sweet potatoes, but I went back for seconds. This was a new recipe this year and it was the only dish that had 0 leftovers.

It’s called Aunt Peggy’s Sweet Potato Souffle.

After dinner, everyone broke out the ipads, phones and laptops to see if there were any good sales. I have been looking for 2 things, 1 was 50% off at Best Buy, so I snagged that first and then the other one was through Wal-Mart, and it was an in store purchase only. My first instinct was NOOOO way, but after scouring the internet, we realized that it was our only option. 2 of my brother’s and my cousin’s husband said they would go with me and it was actually not terrible. There were a TON of people, but it was very well organized and we were in and out of the store (with our items!) in less than 20 minutes.

That night our Elf, Trixie came back

Emma put her Christmas wish list next to her, hoping she would take it to Santa the next night…she did 😉 This is the first year that she is super into this whole Elf thing, our Elf is not very adventurous, but Emma hunts for her every morning.

It was a jam packed weekend that went by way too fast, as usual!

How was your Thanksgiving?


  1. Kimberly Hatting says:

    That sweet potato souffle sounds yummy! I don’t like canned sweet potatoes, but in recent years I discovered how good “raw” ones are when baked ((duh!)). Not sure how it took my entire life time to figure out one can bake them just like a regular potato LOL

    • Jen Pabst says:

      It’s a texture thing for me, I don’t know what it is, but I just don’t generally like them. The way they were in this dish though, omg. I’m already excited to make it again for Christmas 😉

  2. Judy @ Chocolaterunsjudy says:

    I have never been a super fan of turkey. We ate at my parents’ senior living community, and I had salmon, LOL!

    I never liked sweet potatoes either, until I tried Asian Sweet Potatoes. OMG — if you can find them, try them — huge difference.

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