Rewriting Food Rules

In December I went to see my Endocrinologist and I brought in everything I was planning on doing with the One/80 program. We went over all of the supplements and suggested meal plans and I was given the all clear to go for it. The meal plan is ridiculously easy- protein, vegetable, complex carb for meals. Fruit as snacks.

But, since I’m Diabetic, I can’t have a full serving of fruit and carbs because it makes my blood sugar too high. I spent the next 80 days following the program, had great success and when I went for my follow up appointment at the end of March- I was taken off of 2 Diabetes meds! This has been a goal of mine since I was diagnosed 5 years ago.

That was when we talked about food rules- everyone has them, everyone lives by certain rules when it comes to meals, timing of meals, eating at certain times of the day, etc. But if I want to stay off the medications, I have to re write my food rules. It has been life changing!

* Eat every 2 hours to avoid low blood sugar.

* No more than 30 grams of carbs per meal. If I want fruit and some other carb source, I usually have 1/2 of each so it’s about 30 grams total. I don’t need to avoid any carbs, just portion control.

Ditching the scale

In the last few weeks, I have been avoiding the scale more and more. If you notice in my cleanse phase post, I lost 8”, but only .8 lbs.

I get asked how much I want to lose, what my goal weight is, how fast I’m losing, etc. And it used to make me REALLY upset and the scale dictated my day. It was maddening. I now have different goals.

* Run

* Complete full out cardio workouts without having to modify

* Get rid of the “pregnant belly” look I have been sporting for YEARS. Yes, it’s going down, finally, but I can’t wait for the day when my shirts don’t have to cover the belly bulge and lay flat like they are supposed to. 

* Feel comfortable in cute clothes. I am SOOOO sick of wearing over sized shirts, leggings, yoga pants, etc. So over it.

Ditching My Fitness Pal

I was trying to keep track of my carb grams on MFP, but then I started obsessing over everything and  trying to keep my calories way too low. When my Dr. told me that the only thing that matters is carb grams, the MFP app was deleted the same day. I don’t need to know the total at the end of the day, just how many I’m eating per meal. You have no idea how freeing this is!

So that’s where I’m at right now. I keep my meals super basic and easy to make, we buy our meat, vegetables and carb sources at Costco and it’s made life a million times easier to not think of meal plans, menus, etc. I have also started spending about $300 LESS a month than when I was shopping at smaller grocery stores.

One/80 Round 2–Cleanse Phase Results


The One/80 program is broken up into different phases. The first 10 days is the Cleanse Phase, during this phase, you prepare your body for optimal nutrition.

My cleanse phase ended yesterday and I started the Max phase today. I mentioned in my starting stats post that during my first round of the One/80, I was extra focused on my food and nutrition because that’s always been my biggest struggle. So this time around, while I’m still focused on the correct nutrition, I am making my focus on exercise.

Day 11 Stats:

Weight: 203

Neck: 15” 

Chest: 42.5”

Waist: 38”

Hips: 43”

Thighs: 22”

Calves: 15”

Arms: 13”

Loss: –.8 lbs Inches Lost: –8.5”

Total Loss: –.8 lbs

Total Inches: –8.5”





I am really pleased with my progress so far- and I can’t wait to see what the rest of this challenge does!!

One/80 Round 2 Starting Stats

In my first 80 days of doing the One/80, I lost 20lbs and 30”.


During those 80 days I really worked hard on the food and my issues with food. It wasn’t about being perfect, but it was about putting myself first. Making myself a priority. I did exercise, but it wasn’t consistent and honestly, it wasn’t my focus. My biggest issues have always been with food and I feel like I finally conquered those demons.

After that challenge was over, I knew that I wasn’t done. I wasn’t where I wanted to be yet, so I picked a new date (TODAY!) and set out after my 2nd round of 80 days. This time while I’ll be following the meal plan, my big focus is making sure I’m getting in exercise, even if it’s just a walk, every day.

Starting Stats – April 11, 2018

Weight: 203.8

Neck: 15”

Chest: 43”

Waist- 41”

Hips: 46”

Thighs: 22”

Calves: 16”

Biceps: 14”





I am so pumped and ready to rock these next 80 days!!