Turbo Fire (Start Stats)

Confession time- I did not like the Morning Meltdown 100. I don’t know if I’m the only one, or just the only one not afraid to admit it…but I am 100% real and transparent and not afraid to let people know when a program or product isn’t for me. I tried it, but it got to the point where I would skip days and days because I was dreading it so much. I always tell my in person clients that if you don’t like your workouts, then it’s time to find something you DO like…so I took my own advice. I decided to go with Turbo Fire. It is my all time favorite workout and one that I have done (never a full 90 days at once) a few times over the years, but this time I’m going full in, 100%.

Starting Weight – 205

Starting Measurements:

Neck: 15”

Chest: 45”

Waist: 40 3/4”

Hips: 43.5”

Thighs:  23”

Calves: 15”

Biceps: 13”



This is the angle I hate to post. I get comments ALL the time asking if I’m pregnant. Hate it, it’s where I carry all of my excess weight.


I am also going to keep committed to the 2B Mindset.

Here we go!!