Fitness Friday

If you read my last post, you’ll see that I have had an unhealthy obsession with the scale and letting it dictate my days. I originally was going to just weigh in once a month when I did my measurements and pictures, but I have changed my mind. Once a week. Like I mentioned, at just over 200lbs when I started, I have to lose weight, but I can’t and don’t need to let the scale be the only thing that matters.

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First things first, weigh in.

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Last Week: 200.6

Today: 199.4

And as for my workouts from the last week:

Saturday: Kickboxing

Sunday: Boxing, HIIT, Core

Monday: Buns, Barre, Ball

Wednesday: Butts and Guts Live and walking in place

Thursday: Butts and Guts Live

Total Minutes: 233

Total Calories Burned: 1,704

Any fun plans for this weekend? I have mom’s night out tonight and then tomorrow we have Aiden’s b-day bowling party.

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I am a stay at home mom, but I can assure you that we look forward to weekends too! No schedules, alarm clocks and adult conversations!

Fitness Friday

The last few days, my head has been pounding, I can’t get enough sleep, my energy is under 0 and then yesterday when I simultaneously wanted to beat the crap out of someone and start crying- it all made sense when lady time started 6 days early. Good news is that by tomorrow, I’ll be feeling back to myself! Today – gahh- give me a heating pad and the couch. Not even sorry.

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Last week: 202

Today:  202

I’m honestly pleasantly surprised, since I usually gain at least 5 pounds before I start, so I’m considering this a win!

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Saturday – Kick Punch & Crunch


Sunday – Legs & Glutes


Monday – Push & Pull


Tuesday – Step Blast


Total Exercise Minutes – 232

Total Calorie Burn – 1,617

So, the strangest thing happened. Emma and I were out running some errands, we came home and I told her she could watch 1 show while I switched the laundry, unloaded the dishwasher and made her lunch. I turned on the TV and ABC was on and they were just about to swear in the new VP and President- I go to find a show for Emma and everything froze, I couldn’t change the channel, I couldn’t reset the box, the internet wouldn’t work, zip, zilch, nada. About 2.2 seconds after the president was sworn in, everything started working again. #haveibeenhacked ? I was like what in the name of all that is holy is happening?! I know it was just a coincidence, but how freaking weird, right?!

Any plans for the weekend? We have a pinewood derby tonight and then a dance showcase tomorrow night and my oldest also has a basketball game in the morning.

Fitness Friday

And also the start of my weekly weigh ins. While my overall focus is not weight loss, getting off of all Diabetes meds DOES require me to lose weight, so it’s on. I started at 206 lbs, I do not have a goal weight, my only goal is to be declared “controlled by diet and exercise.”


I haven’t weighed myself in almost a month, so while it’s going in the right direction, it’s suuupppper slow.

Ok- let’s get on to Fitness Friday. This was such a hard week, my kids had two snow days and then with all sorts of stuff having to be rescheduled and not able to happen because of ice, I totally put myself on the back burner and only had 3 workouts this week.

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Saturday- I honestly can’t remember which workout I did and I didn’t write the name down.


Tuesday – Upper and Lower Body Sculpt. SOOOO many squats and lunges!


Wednesday – Body Max


Total Exercise Minutes – 172

Total Calories Burned – 1,169

Not a terrible week, but could have been better. I’m also going to start adding in plank a days again, 4 kids and 4 c-sections…my poor core is shot.