Family Fun Night Ideas #1 {Air Time}

Now that are entering a new chapter of parenting that includes no more babies- and our youngest is almost 3, we are starting to do more things as a family for fun! Our kids are 14, 12, 8 and 2, so trying to find something that ALL of them enjoy presents a challenge at times! As we were out last night, I realized that other families might be facing similar challenges and a blog series was born.

Family Night IdeasAir Time

* I love that I was able to not only fill out and submit all of the waivers before we went, I was also able to reserve a jump time and buy all of our tickets before we went as well. When we arrived, they scanned my ticket, gave them each a wristband and were all set to jump.


* We were there with our 4 kids and my oldest daughter’s two friends for her birthday, and everyone had a fantastic time!


* There is a separate toddler trampoline area for the toddlers – which was excellent because Emma was really nervous at first with all of the people and millions of trampolines in the main area.


* The main part is wall to wall trampolines.



This is where they all spent most of their time!

* When you buy your tickets, you can buy for either 1 hour or 2. One hour is the perfect amount of time! They were all so exhausted and worn out by the end of the hour, none of them would have lasted another hour of jumping.


* In other areas they have a dodgeball zone and basketball hoops.

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* And another favorite of last night- foam pits!



Thank you Air Time – Troy, we all had a great time last night and can’t wait to visit again!

Ringing in the New Year

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I had a moment last night thinking about the future when it hit me. My oldest graduates high school in 2020, that’s only 3 more years! I’m not old enough for that!!!


We are not big NYE party people and it’s 100% fine with me. We ended up going to my Mom’s house for dinner and to hang out, play games and just relax. It was perfect.




Let’s be honest, I am not a night owl. I knew there was not a snowbird’s chance in hell that I was going to make it all the way until midnight, so when Emma started to crash around 9pm, I layed down with her and slept until 11.


And then I was able to rally and push through for the next hour and a half until it was all over and we were home. There was an exciting Monopoly game that happened, I do believe that since it was such a close game, they all decided to leave it as is and pick it up again this afternoon.


3, 2, 1

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We watched the ball drop and then the kids (…and my mom) went outside where there was screaming and silly string involved.



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Christmas 2016

Just like that, it’s all over.


All the prepping, all the shopping, list making, menu creating, etc. The stress. It’s done.



We had an incredible weekend, while I’m sad it’s over, there were tons of memories made and everyone was happy. In the end, that’s really all that matters.


Saturday, we woke up, finished up a few things and then headed over to my Mom’s house with the rest of my brothers, their families and part of our extended family. We had the most delicious Mexican food feast, the only thing I managed to get a picture of was the fajitas…and that was because I was cooking them and wouldn’t let anyone dig in until I got a picture. Then a gift exchange, watched The Santa Clause and then went home.


Once we got home, we set up for Santa snacks, put the kids to bed and then watched one of my all time favorite Christmas movies, It’s a Wonderful Life.



Sunday morning we opened up our gifts at home, then went to Church.



and then after Church, we went back to my Mom’s house for more presents and lunch.


Santa came!

14 year old: UA Curry Shoes (don’t ask what they are, but after a few google searches, I got the right pair.)

11 year old: Tumbling mats

8 year old: RC truck and robot

2 year old: Itty Bitty American Girl




Our last stop on the Christmas express was to my husband’s parents house for dinner. We met up with his oldest brother and family here visiting from SC.



All I wanted was one nice family picture. Emma did not. They all decided to be like her…


Many, many tries later, I got one.


And then it was finally time to go home and go to bed, where everyone slept straight through till morning!

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