Szechuan Beef {Instant Pot Recipe}

Yesterday started bright and early with Turbo Sculpt. 40 minutes of high rep, low weight sculpting. Lots of shoulders and squats with a little bit of ab work thrown in at the end.


Pre-Breakfast Supplements:




The most epic shake – Vanilla Advocare Meal Replacement Shake blended with a cup of frozen mango and a cup of water.


We made our weekly Costco run and I picked up this Asian Salad and added some chopped rotisserie chicken.


While Emma was sleeping, I sipped on this Blue Raspberry Spark and did some blog work and caught up on some DVR shows.



I had some stew beef that I picked up from Costco last week, but it was still frozen when I went to use it. I had an idea to try the Instant Pot and it was even better than the stir fry I was planning on!

Instant Pot Szechuan Beef


In the Instant Pot, I poured in 1 cup of water, then dumped the meat in and then scooped in 1/2 the jar of the Szechuan sauce. Since it was a Costco sized package of meat, I added another 1/2 up of water on top of that, just to make sure. I set the Instant Pot to manual for 50 minutes and crossed my fingers. The result – the most flavorful, semi-spicy, tender beef! It was incredible! On the side we had brown rice and broccoli. If you’re going to make this and your meat isn’t frozen, I would set the cooking time to 35 minutes.


1-2 pounds stew beef

Szechuan sauce ( it is spicy, so if you have kids or not a fan of spice, use sparingly) A little bit goes a long way.

1 cup water


Pour 1 cup of water into instant pot, place beef in the instant pot, cover with sauce. Cook on manual for 35 minutes, 50 if meat is frozen.


I am determined to keep my 10K streak alive, it’s only been a few days, but I refuse to go to bed until I hit 10,000 steps. I’m trying to see how many days in a row I can make this happen.


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