Snow Day


This was his 3rd or 4th time shoveling the walkway. Not so fun fact, seconds after taking this picture, I went to walk in side, slipped on a patch of ice, hit the shovel and landed half on my face, half on my thigh on the wood lining the planter box. I have bruises up and down my leg and it legit hurts to walk today.


On the plus side, this was the first time that Emma wanted to go out and play in the snow with everyone else.




I spent most of the day laying on the couch and limping around, I attempted a work out, but it just wasn’t going to happen.  My leg is feeling better today, I managed to get groceries and finish Christmas shopping, so I’m looking forward to an awesome sweat fest during Emma’s nap today.

Questions of the Day:

Weather where you are?

What is your workout today?


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