Sleep Like a Champion

Casper recently gave me the idea to talk about the effects of sleep on athletic performance, and I was happy to work with them!


That little bed thief thinks her own bed is filled with liquid hot magma, so she typically ends up right there in the middle.

Ask any mom what the hardest part is about having children- lack of sleep. You never REALLY know until you actually have your first newborn. Everyone tells you, but until that sleep deprivation hits you, you don’t know. Now that my kids are older and for the most part sleeping all night, the youngest one still wakes up at least once, I realize the benefits of sleep and on my performance. Not only as a mom, but as I’m working on building my athletic physique again.

* Sleep better, eat better. When I am tired and didn’t sleep well the night before, I tend to reach towards foods that are not so good for me. Which in turn makes me even more exhausted and the cycle repeats itself.

*No need for caffeine. When I get at least 7 hours of sleep, there is no need to fill myself up with supplements and caffeine to get going in the morning. My days start between 4 and 5am and when I get enough sleep, I feel energized from start to end.

* Better exercise performance. After a full night’s rest, I’m ready to work out hard and give it all I have. This goes along with my first point of sleep better, eat better. When I get a full night’s sleep, I want to keep moving and be active! If I am tired and run down, the couch calls my name and I will cave to it’s temptation.


I love the sleep tips offered by Casper- especially naps! My oldest son is 14 and plays football and is a wrestler. Good sleep is at the top of his priority list. Not only does it help repair and relax all of those muscles, but any rest before a meet or a game can help immensely with their performance! Feel free to check out Casper’s mattress page to learn even more about sleep technology and the research they have done behind it all!

How many hours of sleep do you get?

Do you find that sleep helps with your athletic performance?

This for this post came from Casper, all opinions are my own.

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