September Goals

I’m sitting here watching reality TV, 3 kids in school and a napping baby to my left. #bliss. I took most of the Summer off to pretty much just hang out with my kids, we went to the waterpark, spent many afternoons on the boat, at the beach or just hanging out in the yard. It was a great summer break.


But now, it’s time to get serious again. Kids are back in school and it’s time to get back into my routine. I started doing Turbo Jam again this morning, it’s a workout I always go back to because I love it and get great results!!


I’m still doing Weight Watchers, but my tracker has been empty for weeks. I’ll still be weighing in once a week (on Mondays), but now that I’m starting an exercise routine again, I’ll be taking measurements once a month. I know it’s mid-September, but that’s ok.

Chest: 44”, Waist: 41.5”, Hips: 44.5”, Thighs: 21.5”, Calves: 14” and Biceps: 13”.


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