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A place for all of us smaller blogs to get together, mingle and link it up together once a week. I’m pretty excited about this.

The Blonder Side of Life

You never realize just how big your driveway is…until you have to shovel it. I decided to get out and shovel the 3-4” we got yesterday morning and in 45 minutes, I torched 395 calories. Not too shabby.


…I keep talking about how I’m going to keep posting my meals and then I take the pictures and totally forget.


Oatmeal topped with Barney Crunchy Almond Butter and a banana on the side.




Mine was a leftover baked potato and wasn’t very photogenic, so instead here’s a cute 10 month old eating her deconstructed baked potato (potato pieces, cheese, black beans)



Baked BBQ Chicken, Sweet potato fries, peas.


Even in fry form, I’m still not a fan of sweet potatoes.

I’m just going to leave this here because it was 2am and I was up with the baby and laughed way too loud and way too long at this.


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The purpose: to discover new blogs, make new friends, and support the smaller bloggers of blogland 🙂

Inspiration: Feeling shunned from the “bigger” bloggers Twice!

The rules: There are no rules!! (j/k mostly)

-Display the badge in your post or link back (mandatory)

-Link-up, click around, and be friendly 😀


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