Scenes From My Phone

Emma was totally out of sorts yesterday, everything sent her into meltdown mode, super cling on and drooling like a mad woman. In the afternoon when she started running a fever, I put it all together and looked in her mouth. Sure enough, she has 4 teeth about to break through.

So today’s post is just a bunch of random pictures from my phone yesterday since I have a few posts that I have started to formulate in my brain, but not quite ready to publish yet.


She’s crying because she found a pen and I took it out of her mouth.


Yes, please. Just one afternoon.


I almost bought these. Almost.


Costco lunch with the husband, because where else can you get 2 lunches for less than $4? Let’s not worry about the fact that we spent $100 in the store…


I came across this yesterday and  I love it, like times infinity.


Her fever finally broke and she crashed for the following 8 hours. Thank heavens she is totally back to her normal happy self today and no fever for about 12 hours now. Yay!

Have you entered the Meal Enders giveaway? It’s still going strong until next Tuesday.


    • Jen@jpabstfitness says:

      I wish I could get the pizza, but it sends my blood sugar soaring through the roof and me sick the rest of the day 🙁 My bank account hates me when we go there Hahaha.

  1. jan says:

    Aww poor baby! I hope those teeth have broken through by now. And the shoes!! Amazing will power you have to not buy those. I’m a sucker for cute baby shoes even though they only wear them like 2 seconds.

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