Pinterest Success

I really thought that when the older kids got out of school for the summer, that I would have all this time to work out, get everything done around the house and start building up my social media presence and blog audience.


Ha. I am getting things done around the house- like deep cleaning the bathroom today that I haven’t been able to do without a toddler helping me in months – but as for laptop time? Forget it. I never get a chance to get to my laptop until the toddler is in bed for the night.

It feels like I’m busy and running around all day long, and then I look at my Fitbit and realize I could have done SOO much more.


I’m supposed to be running an inflatable 5K in two months and I’m terrified that I’m going to not even be able to get my fat lard butt up and through the bounce houses and other inflatables unless I get butt in gear!!!

I love Pinterest– I’m constantly pinning things (recipes, workout gear, workouts, ideas for home renovations, etc.), but it’s not often that I actually do something that I have pinned. I keep forgetting to take pictures of meals until I have like two bites left and then it’s all “ehhh, I’ll do it tomorrow.” Pretty sure I’ve been saying that every day since school got out.


Today I had Pinterest success! I love pancakes, my kids and husband love pancakes, but making enough pancakes for 6 people? No one ever gets to eat at the same time and if we do all eat together, someone’s plate is always full of cold pancakes. Until today when I found this recipe.

how to make pancakes in the oven

It was freaking awesome!!! I made two cookie sheets full, one plain and one with chocolate chips. 32 pancakes done at the exact same time- plenty for dinner, plenty for breakfasts for the next few days.

Thank you, Pinterest!


    • Jen@jpabstfitness says:

      I try and remind myself how fast it all goes- but some days the days are loooonnnngggg. Like today.

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