Advocare 24 Day Challenge

I have posted about this a couple of times, but today is the day. Today is day 1 of my challenge!

I started off my morning with Cardio Party 3. 50 minutes of heart-pumping cardio. Just what I needed.



This fiber- I did the ol’ plug and chug. I’m told this gets easier. Tomorrow I’m going to try and mix in a bit of Rehydrate and see if that makes it better.


Going forward- I will be doing a full recap of each day here,  but during the day I’ll be posting meals, snacks and supplements on my IG stories too.


Day 1 Stats

Weight: 200.2

Neck: 13.”

Chest: 40”

Waist: 41.5”

Hips: 43”

Thighs: 20.5”

Calves: 14”

Biceps: 12.5”


My fasting blood sugar was 102. A little higher than it has been, but my dinner last night was a bit carb heavy, so I expected it to be higher this morning. I’ll also be documenting my blood sugars through the next 24 days as well.


And now I’m just sipping on some Spark and enjoying the quiet time before everyone gets home in about an hour.


Fell down the rabbit hole

While I do get up at an insanely early time (4:30am) to get in a sweat session, it is making my days go a million times better. Yes, I’m exhausted and in bed by 9pm, but I’m old, so whatever.


Loving this Spark– it really makes a huge difference! I don’t feel jittery energized, and it’s not a huge rush of energy, but I feel energized all day long.

My workout yesterday was called 3T- it was just over 30 minutes of resistance tubing strength training…my favorite!


I have no idea what happened here, but I feel like there must be a really good story involved! Our street was not icy at all, and yet these 2 cars were so stuck that we later saw a truck trying to pull them out and finally a tow truck later on in the day.




our snack later on in the morning


The rest of the day was a blur, picking up, dropping off, making dinner, etc. I read this quote last night and I fell in love. It is so perfect.


I was searching for a mindless show to watch during Emma’s nap, I came across this gem:

Image result for from not too hot we tv

And that’s when I fell down the Mama June rabbit hole and watched the first 3 episodes of the season. You guys. You need to watch this!

Winter is Back

Remember back in February when it was 70 degrees and we were all excited. Winter came back to smack us in the face. It is COLD, snowy and I can not get warm the last few days!


I have tried working out during Emma’s naptime, but the truth is, by the time her nap rolls around, I just want to sit and worry about myself and no one else. So, I have gone back to early mornings. It’s tough, but I have managed to keep it going and feel like I have a ton more energy though out the day.



After breakfast and getting a few things done around the house, we braved the house and went to Costco.



Snack Time:


My Mom orders Hello Fresh, and had some meals that she didn’t think she was going to like, so I took them off her hands. This one was prosciutto wrapped chicken and risotto.


My thoughts: The chicken was perfection, it was wrapped in the prosciutto, seared for a few minutes each side and then into the oven for about 20 minutes. I will totally be making chicken like that again, I couldn’t’ get enough!

The risotto: I had NO idea that making risotto was so freaking time consuming. I also felt it was really bland. With 4 hungry kids, standing over the stove stirring rice every few minutes and adding the stock a little bit a time, I have no plans on making risotto any time soon. I’ll just stick with my 20 minute brown rice Instant Pot recipe.

Overall, I felt like a legit, hardcore chef and I felt really accomplished that I attempted and finished this dish!