The Bachelor is Back


The makings of one of my favorite breakfasts- peanut buttery banana oats.


This is turning into the world’s longest Christmas vacation. My kids went to school all the way until December 23rd which means they do not go back until January 9th- seems like it’s years away at this point! Up until today things have been fine, but the boredom is settling in and today was quite possibly the world’s longest day. No one likes my ideas, everyone hates everything and everything is boring. Thankfully we have a birthday party at an indoor trampoline park tomorrow night so we can all get out and let out all of our pent up energy!


I found this at Costco and figured it would be good for lunches. One of the medications that I take makes me have little to no appetite by lunch time and I was hoping something delicious would help. Ehh, not really. I only managed to eat about 1/4 of this bowl. What I did eat WAS really good, I just don’t eat a lot for lunch anymore.


I took the oldest to wrestling practice and then it was the sweet, sweet release of toddler naptime. I made the other two go in their rooms for quiet time and I finally got to watch one of my greatest guilty pleasures- The Bachelor! Like a lot of the contestants mentioned, I was not a fan of Nick on the two Bachelorette seasons he was on, but when he was on Bachelor Pad this summer, I saw a different side of him and I’m so excited for this season…and it’s going to be a good one!

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Before dinner, I decided to squeeze in my workout. It was a live workout that was recorded this morning. OMG. I was a sweaty disaster and every muscle was on fire! This workout was called Body Blast Boot Camp- it involved 6 rounds of cardio and then compound weight exercises. I will be doing a post this weekend about which is where I do all of my workouts. Seriously, best $20 I spend every month.


Dinner tonight was my favorite Instant Pot meal – BBQ Pork Tenderloin


And now my friends it is time for Netflix and my bed. Have a great night!

Happy 12th Birthday Karlie

I have decided that I am going to start using this space to include – what I hope – is a balanced mix of my 3 favorite things: family, food, fitness. One of my goals for this year is to take more pictures because I realize as they are growing quicker, just how incredibly fast this all goes and as far as I know, I can’t go back in time.  #thatsnothowthisworks

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I also thought it would be fun this year to share their birth stories on their birthdays. Don’t worry, they aren’t very long, but it’s sort of fun to walk down memory lane once a year. #humorme. I’ll also throw in some pictures of each child from the previous year, so hopefully I don’t bore all of you.

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After a really long and difficult first birth (which, I guess you’ll all get to read about in September…), when I found out I was pregnant with Karlie (she’s our #2), I knew that I wanted to have a VBAC. I ended up going into labor shortly before midnight and things really picked up around 4 or 5am. We had spent the night at my mom and dad’s house because I had a feeling something was happening earlier that day and it would make sense to just stay there with Tyler (who was 2 at the time) since they would be watching him anyway. I woke up Spence about 6am and we headed to the hospital, by the time I was admitted, it was just after 7am and I was almost 8cm. I was so excited that this time I would deliver naturally! About 9am, it was time to push.

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After a few pushes I just knew something was wrong. I had an epidural placed, but with each push it felt like my insides were being torn apart and I knew we had a problem. My OB was called into the room because I refused to push again until he was there.  Just as he was telling me that it would be ok to try and push, I started bleeding. Everywhere. My Dr. climbed on top of the bed and told me not to worry, he would get us both out of this alive, but something was wrong and he had to get the baby out. Now.

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There are things you never forget and 12 years later I still remember what happened next just as vividly as it happened that morning. The time was 10:46am and they were running, like sprinting a few doors down to the OR. Spence was following close behind and said blood was everywhere and he was terrified. She was born at 10:51am via emergency csection. They went in so fast that they cut her cheek and she still has a scar all these years later. Knowing what happened, I am SO incredibly grateful that nothing worse happened. The cause of the bleed was the placenta tearing away from the uterine wall. Another few pushes, we could have lost her. That was the last time I attempted a vaginal delivery.

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Karlie started 6th grade in September and is loving middle school so far. She is dancing at the Dance Shoppe, but sticking with her true love in life, tumbling. She loves reading, her ipod, snuggling up with her fuzzy blankets and socks, spending time with her nana, shopping, and being the world’s greatest big sister.

Happy 12th Birthday, Karlie Lynn!

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That Escalated Quickly

After Emma woke up for the past few days when I did at 5am, I decided that yesterday was my last pre-dawn workout. Playing dodge the toddler and then dealing with cranky toddler all day is not my idea of fun, so starting today I am switching it up. Until my kids go back to school next Monday, I will either do it during naptime or before dinner, and then when school starts again, it will be naptime workouts for the win.


Standard strawberry oatmeal breakfast


A week or so ago, I entered a giveaway that Amy at Running Escapades was hosting and I really didn’t think I was going to win.


Oh, crap.

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After initially being completely freaked out and terrified, after looking at the website, I’m strangely excited. AND, the race in Michigan is going to happening on my birthday! It’s like it was meant to be.

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My inlaws are in town until today, so we decided to celebrate my oldest daughter’s birthday with them since they won’t be here for her actual birthday (Jan. 4th). Can I just say how much harder a birthday is right after Christmas vs in December? My husband’s birthday is december 15th and at that point it’s all WOOOO, let’s party and buy all the things and go out to dinner, etc.

But, by this point, it’s ugghhh, no one wants to go to a birthday party or spend money or do anything but stay home. I get it, because I feel the same way, but the show must go on! She wants to take a few friends and go jump at Air Time on Friday night, should be fun and it will get everyone out of the house and off their ipods. Win. Win.


12. Holy crap. I can not believe she is going to be 12!



In other news, I finally got around to putting all of the Christmas stuff away yesterday, it’s so sad and empty without the Christmas tree, but it was time! And since it was so warm (well, warm for Michigan in January), we took the opportunity to take all of the outside decorations down as well.