Weekly Weigh In (4.10.19)

There was once a time where I would weigh myself every single morning and it would dictate my mood for that day. Whether I was going to have a good or bad day. Then I started to notice much more progress in spite of the scale, so I stopped weighing myself all together and just doing measurements and pictures once a month. This is all fine and well, but like my Dr said, sometimes we have to check in with the scale just like I have to check my blood sugars. Type 2 Diabetes and it’s reversal relies heavily on reducing weight/body fat.

So once a week I send my Dr my blood sugars and she wants me to go ahead and weigh myself once a week too. So, here we are. That being said, let me first say how weird my body can be. I have hovered between 199 and 205 for YEARS. I will get down to 199 and without changing ANYTHING. I will be up the next time I weigh in, usually around 204 or 205 and then I work my day down again.

Last week I was at 203.6

Here’s today:

That’s a 3.6 lb loss. Not too shabby, but we’ll see what happens next week!

Hello Friends

It’s been almost 1 year since the last time I posted. I wasn’t sure how or what direction I wanted this site to go in and I was also up to eyeballs in NASM coursework, lecture videos, notes, etc. Since my last post I did pass my CPT exam and have officially been a Certified Personal Trainer since December. Now that I’m out working again, after being a stay at home mom for nearly 11 years, it’s a whole new world out here!

My vision for this little corner of the interwebs:

A place that moms and other women can come to get workout ideas, buy workout programs, meal planning and recipe ideas and some shenanigans of my life as a mom to 4. I also spend some time on Instagram .

That is where I share my daily meals (almost always repetitive) and workouts. This place will be a permanent location for recipes that I develop, workout programs I create and sell, tricks and tips for active/healthy living and I will also use it for the sometimes long winded posts that occur.

Food Freedom

Pizza- specifically this Asian Chicken pizza from Hungry Howies (and it’s my favorite pizza of all time) used to have complete control of me.

Image result for asian chicken pizza hungry howies

I would sit and eat slice after slice and wind up feeling bloated and miserable. And then the binge cycle would begin.

Image result for binge eating food cycle

The following thoughts would run through my brain:

I messed up, I may as well eat anything I want the rest of the day, I’ll do better tomorrow.

But the One/80 program taught me SO much about food, the way I look at food and I removed it’s power. Food is food. It’s not good or bad, it’s just fuel for my body. I ate 2 slices and then went on with my night. No food guilt, no food binges followed.

This is my food freedom. I have achieved it. It’s the BEST feeling!!! Obviously my journey is still going and I’m still working on myself every day, but to feel like I’m making progress is something I have been striving for and I am finally achieving it.

Meals (Tuesday)

 Breakfast – Egg Quinoa Bake (full recipe will be posted in a few days)


Lunch – Leftovers (chicken sausage, quinoa, broccoli)


Dinner– Unpictured, but it was breakfast. Eggs, turkey sausage and hashbrowns

Exercise (Tuesday)

Emma has been working really hard on riding her bike and she is getting faster and faster, I’m walking and almost running at points to catch up to her. We have officially reached a major milestone in this house and I’m going to be selling our stroller! We are DONE with it! Now that she can ride her bike for as long as she can, I’m so excited! Baby days are done and gone behind us and I can not be more excited. Some people love babies and newborns, I’ll take preschool age and teenagers any day. And that’s where we are. Finally!

Ok, so we did 1.62 miles of her riding and me walking/running beside her.



Later I did Abs 10 (10 minutes of ab work.) I hate ab work so I never do it and I never do it because I hate it. But, 4 babies and 4 c-sections also means that I have 0 strength so I’m making myself do it and then I finished off with Fat Burn Challenge. It was 1/2 hour of a series of 2:00 cardio drills followed by a 30 second break. I loved it and can see it becoming one of my favorites!



Closed out my day with 12,000 steps.