New Van #obsession

My husband and I have been married for almost 14 years (it will be 14 in August) and for almost 13 of those years, I drove the same van- a 2003 Dodge Caravan. While that van was fantastic- in 12 years and 170,000 miles, we only had to make 3 major repairs. There were a bunch of smaller things that needed to be fixed and we ultimately made the decision a couple of weeks ago that it was time to say goodbye.


…and we said hello to a new 2015 Town & Country. Holy crapballs. I feel like I’m driving a space shuttle.


Everything is so shiny and new. Every time I go out to the driveway- I smile a little brighter because I love driving this so much!


Satellite radio? Yes, please. My old van had a cassette player. Fun fact, the 7 year old thought that was an iPod holder.


Heated steering wheel and heated seats? Come.To.Mama.



…and the color? It’s perfect. It’s called Granite Crystal. I am totally obsessed with my new ride!!

What’s the longest you have kept 1 car? Prior to the van, I had a Neon that I had for 4 years and at that time, I thought I had kept it for.ever. Haha.


  1. Amy @ Mama Running for God says:

    I’ve had a Dodge Caravan and a Town and Country van and I loved them both, even though we had to replace the transmission in each one! I’ve had most cars of mine about 5-6yrs each. I’m driving a Kia Sorrento now and I love it! Congrats on the new Space Shuttle! 😉

    • Jen@jpabstfitness says:

      I was legit scared the transmission was always going to go out on me because in nearly 13 years we never had 1 single issue with the transmission! It did, however, go through 3 radiators.

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