New Favorite Breakfast

Amazing. The eggs were a little overcooked, I like mine nice and runny, but the combo of eggs and smashed avocado on my toast, freaking delicious.

I was giving bites to Emma as well, she just kept saying mmmm, mmmmm and kept coming back for more.

Typing this post has me ready for breakfast already!

{Lunch} – Leftovers, won ton soup and the rest of the chicken pad thai

{Workout} – 1000 Rep Workout from Peanut Butter Fingers

I modified it since I am not up to her fitness level currently. I did half the reps and didn’t use the equipment she did. Still a killer workout and I’m excited to do it again.

Finished this with 2 minutes to spare until I have to wake up the next 2 kids for school and then I have to come home, get a few things done and off to my Endocrinologist appointment that I’m not looking forward to.


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