Mom Guilt

The struggle is real.

For some reason, there is this stigma that moms should just let themselves go, put everything on hold and just worry about their kids.

Ecards like this really piss me off:

And that’s why Mom Guilt exists. Because moms (like myself) who want to be healthy and be an example to our kids are hit with crap like this.

Yes. I will no longer succumb to this Mom guilt trap. Me letting my 1 year old play by herself  while I sweat it out for 45 minutes isn’t being selfish or not putting my kids needs first, it’s me trying to be a good role model so she doesn’t struggle with the same body image bull crap that has plagued me my entire adult life. I will no longer set my alarm for 4am and get 5 hours of sleep a night because  I don’t want to ignore anyone or feel guilty for taking time out of taking care of everyone else to take care of me.


My Why.



  1. Stacie @ SimplySouthernStacie says:

    Such a great post! I’m not a mom yet, so I can’t fully participate in this conversation, but I completely agree that you children should be the reason why you want to make time for yourself to be healthy. You want to set a good example and be there for them as long as possible.

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