Let’s Do This

Ok, I have gone back and forth on sticking to this self hosted site or going to a freebie site with WordPress. I thought for sure I was just going to stick with the free site platform, but after using it for the last week- I decided that with plans and goals I have for myself, it’s better to stick with self hosted. For some reason, AT&T has issues with sites hosted through Go Daddy (like this one) and it will just not let me access the site and then 24-48 hours later it works fine. Fingers crossed they have the issue fixed, but the pros outweigh the cons- so here we go! As you can see, my last post was last year on Christmas Eve.


  1. Barrie says:

    Jen, that is a huge bummer! Technical difficulties are the last thing a busy person wants to deal with! I wish there really was an easy button for all of this! I hope you work it out and continue your blogging journey- it’s been fun to read your posts!

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