June or November?

This week we are in a weather time warp. Normally this time of year involves coats, the first snowflakes are falling, and we know winter is on it’s way.


But this week, we’re in the mid 70’s. It’s awesome and I love that have yet to dig out anyone’s winter gear yet, but it’s really making me listening to Christmas music awkward. Also, I have a million soup recipes that I’m waiting to try out, but apparently, it’s still grilling season here. I started my day yesterday by re-joining the 5am workout club. It’s tough waking up that early, but I had SO much more energy all day yesterday, it made it worth it.


Breakfast was a cranberry english muffin topped with extra crunchy peanut butter and a yogurt that was promptly gobbled up by Emma.


Because sometimes you just want a sandwich. By the time I got Emma down for a nap, I needed something quick for lunch, so a ham and cheese sandwich with a pickle. Simple. Delicious.


As I was making dinner, baby Godzilla managed to break the baby gate keeping her out of the kitchen and then trampled all over it. Thankfully Spence was able to fix it, I am not ready for her to have free range in the kitchen yet.


We had BBQ chicken last night with a cold pasta salad for dinner last night. Since it was midnight dark at 6pm, I couldn’t get a picture of my plate that looked ok, so here’s a picture of my cute kids instead.


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