Insane Inflatable 5K

I DID IT!!!!!!!!


I have been trying to formulate this post since the race ended and we were back in the hotel room Saturday afternoon. SO many emotions, it was hard to process it all and put it into words.


If this race is ever in your area – do it. The race atmosphere was incredible! I was beyond nervous Saturday morning, but being there, around everyone else about to do the same thing as me. Awesome!


We started out really strong, but quickly realized what everyone had told me was true – it’s not about the run. It’s ALLLL about the obstacles. I needed every ounce of strength to get me up, over and through those obstacles.


Towards the end – I was feeling beyond exhausted. It was hot, humid, my legs were burning, and I knew there was still one final (giant!) obstacle standing between me and the finish line. I have no idea what came over me – but I looked over to my walking partners and said ready? Yep. Let’s run to the finish.


Finish Line Insane Inflatable 5K Obstacle

The last obstacle. This picture doesn’t even do it justice. Climbing up those rungs, I got to the top and kept slipping. It was almost completely vertical, there was rope to help climb up, my feet were slipping, my hands were so sweaty I could barely grip the rope.  I seriously wanted to cry – I had not come this far, fought through the whole race to get stuck at the top of the last freaking obstacle. And then this strength came from I don’t know where and I made it to the top and saw the finish line.


I did it. Holy crap, I did it. I wanted to cry, throw up, cheer, all at the same time.


It was at that moment- I knew. I knew I had finally found my sport. I can not wait to run more, run more races and just keep running.


Exhausted, but beyond happy!!!!

Today – I’m taking a day off. Giving my legs a rest after a crazy active weekend and tomorrow – it’s on. And I can’t wait!



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