Improvements and Walking with Friends

Last September, a friend of mine and I started dropping off our kids at school and then would walk for about an hour. In November when the temps started dropping and our kids in the strollers started protesting for sitting in the cold, we stopped walking and said we would pick it back up in the Spring.  I have been working out consistently since December and while I haven’t noticed much in the way of outward differences, I am making big improvements on the inside.

{ One }

My fasting blood sugars in November were in the 120-130’s, for the last week, they are 82-90. Under 90 is the goal my Endocrinologist set for me, so I am SO excited and if this keeps up, MAYBE we can lower my night time insulin dose!

{ Two }


We went out walking yesterday because when it’s 65 degrees in February and it’s going to snow next week, you take advantage! Back in September when we made this same 3 mile loop, I could barely make it. I couldn’t speak going up the hills and every muscle ached. Yesterday, I did it…and was hardly out of breath on even the hardest hill. SO excited and now I am really excited for Spring and Summer walks and runs!


We met again this morning, but didn’t go as far and met up with another friend. Both of them are pregnant and due within the next 6 weeks, so they called it a day at just over a mile. Emma needed to pee anyway, so we also headed back to the house and I will do another workout while she naps later on.


I have a cut and color appointment this evening and I’m obsessed with this cut. I’m still debating on whether I want to just get a trim or go for it and get this cut.

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