I’m Actually Doing It


Oatmeal with cinnamon and crunchy peanut butter, herbal tea.




Tuna mixed with a spicy/sweet mustard, wheat thins and a pickle. This has been my lunch all week and I am loving it and love how full it keeps me!



We have breakfast for dinner once a week and tonight was pancakes! Mine were topped with sugar free blackberry jam- too many carbs in syrup for my pancreas to handle. Boo.


I set out to do 60 days of Turbo Jam and as of today, I’m on day 13/60. I’m actually doing this! Over the last few years I have started and quit this about a million times…usually by day 3. So even though it’s only day 13, I’m doing it and I can feel a real difference! Tonight’s workout was 45 minutes and I didn’t have to stop and take a break, I did the whole thing and felt freaking AMAZING when it was over. I looked like a sweaty rat, but holy endorphins!!


    • Jen@jpabstfitness says:

      I know! My kids woke up this morning saying “next week at this time, we’ll be opening up our presents!!”. Holy crap…

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