Hello Friends

It’s been almost 1 year since the last time I posted. I wasn’t sure how or what direction I wanted this site to go in and I was also up to eyeballs in NASM coursework, lecture videos, notes, etc. Since my last post I did pass my CPT exam and have officially been a Certified Personal Trainer since December. Now that I’m out working again, after being a stay at home mom for nearly 11 years, it’s a whole new world out here!

My vision for this little corner of the interwebs:

A place that moms and other women can come to get workout ideas, buy workout programs, meal planning and recipe ideas and some shenanigans of my life as a mom to 4. I also spend some time on Instagram .

That is where I share my daily meals (almost always repetitive) and workouts. This place will be a permanent location for recipes that I develop, workout programs I create and sell, tricks and tips for active/healthy living and I will also use it for the sometimes long winded posts that occur.


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