Half Marathon Training {Week 1}

I had high hopes for this week, I was recovering from a sinus infection, but was feeling 100% again, so I thought I was good to go.

Monday: 1.5 Miles

Tuesday: I woke up with my right eye on fire. My alarm goes off at 3:30am, so when it felt like it was full of sand, I just thought I was still tired, so I got up and got in the shower. After the shower I looked in the mirror and it was fire truck red. Long story short, pink eye. You can read all about that day HERE.

Wednesday: Felt better and I was no longer contagious, so did 1.5 miles again.

Thursday: The gym was super dead all day long, so I did a lot of “treadmill testing” I walked in 10 minute chunks of time and did about 2 miles that day.

Friday: Nothing. I had to work from 8:30-2 and had to take Emma to school in the morning, plus rush home to pick up kids from school.

Saturday: 2 miles and then shoulders and biceps

4X15 of Front raise, lateral raise

4X15 calf raises

3X10 Hammer curls

3X10 Skull crushers

Weekly Miles: 7

Total Training Miles: 7


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