Goodbye 2016

Since I didn’t blog for all of 2016 prior to Thanksgiving, I will not bore you with a lengthy recap of my year.

In April of this year we had a health scare with our 8 year old and the two weeks of waiting, wondering and “what if” thinking were the scariest two weeks ever of being a parent. It all started on a Sunday night when we were leaving my mom’s house and Aiden happened to turn his neck and we saw a bulge on the right side. I took him to the Dr. the following morning who said it was most definitely a swollen lymph node, but as long as it didn’t get bigger or was tender to the touch, it was nothing to worry about. 48 hours later it had doubled in size and we went back to the dr. It was during that appointment when we had to have a chest x-ray and discussed the possibilities of needing to rule out lymphoma. My heart stopped. Any time cancer is even a thought, it’s terrifying.  After extensive testing, it was ruled an over active lymph node and after about 3 weeks it went back to it’s normal size.

This Summer was a blur of camps, football practices and two vacations. One was a whirlwind trip to and from South Carolina over 4 days and then we spent a week at a lake house in July.

And now here we are at the end of another year. Our children are happy. They are healthy. We are happy and we are healthy.

As my “baby” will be 3 this year, I find myself in a new place in life. It’s time to start focusing on me. What I want to do. I have a few things in mind and I’m excited for all of the possibilities.

Goodbye, 2016…Hello, 2017!

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