Going back to my roots


First, I am so excited that the days are getting longer, it’s so bright in the kitchen in the mornings now and it’s no longer pitch black at 5pm! Breakfast was nothing  special- a Luna Bar and banana.

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I came up with this ridiculously easy lunch one day a few months ago when the roads were coated in ice and we were trapped in the house. I had planned on going grocery shopping that day, so our choices were limited and I came up with this and now I make it once or twice  a week for lunches.


Corn tortillas, cheese and enchilada sauce.  That’s it. I cover with foil and bake at 350 for 30 minutes and then cover off at 400 for another 10-15 minutes.


I use this cheese, it slices up well and melts even better! On the day of the ice storm, I used string cheese which also works well.

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Once upon a time I was heavily involved with Beachbody. I can see you rolling your eyes from here.  I know, I know. But honestly, I have been missing it. Not the relentless selling, but the community and making a little $$$ on the side. I mean, why not? Anyway…I digress.

About a year ago, I was searching for something different and found a new website full of new and challenging workouts. Turns out, a little TOO challenging for me. They are definitely for the advanced person, someone who has been working out consistently for years. Not me. I was so overwhelmed that I found myself skipping a lot of the workouts and the ones I was doing, I was modifying so much that I really wasn’t helping myself. When I got an email from Beachbody with an offer of their on demand service for $100 a year, I jumped on it. The other website is $20 a month and I’m all about saving money right now.


So I started something that I have started 5 trillion times, but have yet to finish. A full 60 days of Turbo Jam- my soulmate workout. It was everything. I felt so good after it was all done and like ahhhh- I’m home.


Do you see that? Chalene Johnson, the creator of Turbo Jam liked my pic on IG! Instant fan girl freak out over here!!


School pick up line snack.

Dinner is unpictured because all hell broke out at our house at dinner. We had somewhere to be at 7 and we weren’t going to be home until later, so I made sure there was enough time to eat dinner, pack lunches for school and get dressed…but the almost threenager FREAKED out and then that led the other 3 kids to go bat crap crazy as well. It was insane. We made it to our destination at 6:59, dressed and don’t ask what they packed in their lunches today because I have no idea.

Speaking of my toddler, I have been trying to type this post for 45 minutes now, she’s a little clinger today!!

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