Friday Favorites

How are we just over a week away until Christmas?!

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1. Today’s naptime movie: Four Christmases. No matter how many times I watch it, I laugh the entire way through!

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2. These pants. They are loud and slightly obnoxious, but super comfortable and I refuse to stop wearing them.


3. Instant Pot. I love this thing, last night was super busy and I was able to make rice for dinner (that tasted better than any time I have made it on the stove) in 8 minutes. 8.


4. Longhorn Steakhouse Parmesan Garlic Fries. Seriously- OMG. It was my husband’s birthday yesterday, so while the older 3 were at school, we went out on a little lunch date. These fries were everything. Birthdays and anniversaries = splurging a bit on foods. #amiright


5. Christmas pictures. My older 3 kids are in the “omg, do we HAVE to take pictures?” phase of their lives, but Emma…point a camera her way and she’ll go to town.



Have a great weekend! We are set to get another snow storm tonight and tomorrow that will bring us another 6” or so of fresh snow, so we are looking forward to a weekend of hanging out, watching movies and doing some Christmas baking.


    • Jen@jpabstfitness says:

      We were supposed to have family pictures done earlier this month, but the one night when we were all free and the photographer had an opening, it was pouring. We’ll just do a Christmas tree selfie on Christmas day 🙂

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