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… lack of Fitness Friday. My biggest flaw in all of this is that I’m very much all or nothing. If I can’t get in a full workout or someone is sick or something gets off schedule, the first thing I scratch is working out.  I have had sick kids or I have been sick for over a week and it’s wearing me down. I NEED to sweat out my stress because I KNOW that I will have a better outlook on everything and feel better.  I’m learning that perfect conditions don’t exist.

Tonight I am handing over kid duty to the husband when he gets home from work, but instead of parking my happy butt on the couch to read or watch TV, I’m going to get a work out in. Enough is enough.

The time is now.

Time to go finish bleaching every hard surface in this house, the 7 year old started throwing up again this morning. Blah.


  1. Colleen says:

    Oh my gosh. Me too!! I make this elaborate workout plan but if I can’t make basically a 2 hour commitment I seem to think I can just scratch out the workout…Um, no. Here’s to a good workout…however long it may be 😉

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