First Snow & A Workout

Last year by this point, we were buried under snow. My kids had an extra 5 days added on to their Christmas vacation because of it. And this year, nothing…until today. And apparently Mother Nature has no idea what end is up because earlier this morning it was snowing, then a mix of rain and ice, right now it’s just ice and tonight will be all rain. We aren’t leaving the house. We went to the grocery store and Target earlier and I held my breath until we pulled back into the driveway.

While my older kids kept themselves occupied and the husband and Emma took a nap, I decided to knock out this workout. Holy sweet mother of everything. I don’t think I can get back out of this chair I’m sitting in. Tomorrow should be interesting.

Pretty much. This is what happens when you don’t exercise for over a year. Gahhh. Off to finish this book on my Kindle and enjoy not having to leave the house the rest of the day.


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