Fell down the rabbit hole

While I do get up at an insanely early time (4:30am) to get in a sweat session, it is making my days go a million times better. Yes, I’m exhausted and in bed by 9pm, but I’m old, so whatever.


Loving this Spark– it really makes a huge difference! I don’t feel jittery energized, and it’s not a huge rush of energy, but I feel energized all day long.

My workout yesterday was called 3T- it was just over 30 minutes of resistance tubing strength training…my favorite!


I have no idea what happened here, but I feel like there must be a really good story involved! Our street was not icy at all, and yet these 2 cars were so stuck that we later saw a truck trying to pull them out and finally a tow truck later on in the day.




our snack later on in the morning


The rest of the day was a blur, picking up, dropping off, making dinner, etc. I read this quote last night and I fell in love. It is so perfect.


I was searching for a mindless show to watch during Emma’s nap, I came across this gem:

Image result for from not too hot we tv

And that’s when I fell down the Mama June rabbit hole and watched the first 3 episodes of the season. You guys. You need to watch this!


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