End of December

I started off December feeling very defeated. I have been attempting to lose the weight for the last couple of years without any success. When I was on top of my blood sugars, my weight would creep up, when I wasn’t strict about my blood sugars, my weight went down…but my body was out of whack. I felt lost. I went to my Dr at the end of November and we discussed these things and I was given some advice, but bottom line is that I needed to worry about my blood sugars and get those under control and with time, if I was consistent, the weight would come off. Because I have to inject insulin which is a fat storing hormone, I know that losing the weight is going to be really difficult, but I’m 100% determined and committed to getting off all of the unnecessary diabetes meds by the end of the year.

I have been working out consistently this month, tracking my food, and focusing more on health and getting stronger vs only what the scale was reading.  I have been weighing in because I’m a numbers kind of girl and I am keeping notes on weight and blood sugars to send to my Dr once a month until my next appointment.

All month long, the scale would steadily go up, a little bit every single day and every week, my measurements stayed the same. It was hard to keep motivated, but watching my blood sugars fall and my cardio endurance increase was keeping me going.

But then this week- a switch happened. The scale has been going down and while I didn’t lose a lot of inches, I did lose about 3” total off my body in the month of December.

December 1st


December 1-31st Comparison




Looking at these side by side, I see a teeny tiny bit of difference. More importantly is what is happening on the inside, I FEEL so much better! Happy New Year, friends, I can not wait to see what 2017 has in store!!!


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