Easter 2015

3 kids got loads of candy from the Easter Bunny and 1 got loads of toddler sized snacks and a new sippy cup.


Our holiday was pretty laid back this year and I told them all I wanted was a nice picture with the 4 of them.  Before that happened, we went to my Mom’s house to help her prep for Easter dinner. Then it was time for a nap and while she slept, I reminisced about last Easter. Emma was 12 days old and in typical newborn fashion, spent the afternoon sleeping.


So much change in just 1 little year!

Mom’s wish granted:


and one with all of the cousins.


and then it was time for the Easter feast.


Salad, ham, cheesy potatoes, baked beans, deviled eggs.


I think more ended up in her hair or dropped on the floor to my mom’s dogs, but she loved the potatoes and the beans.

After dinner naps happened and then we came home to do a little chilling out. It was a fantastic Easter and now it’s on to 1st birthday preparations!!


  1. jan says:

    What a gorgeous family you have! Glad you were able to get the picture of them all. Doesn’t the first year go SO fast? 🙁 Can’t wait to hear about the b-day party!

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