Classroom Party Day

Our kids have school until tomorrow (something I should probably be sad about, but I’m not). I have been running around non-stop from the time I dropped off the youngest until it was time to pick them all up again every day this week. I sort of did this on purpose, so that tomorrow, on their last day of school until January 9th, I have nothing. Nothing to do all day long. My husband will be home and we are just going to relax and enjoy the last day of silence. It’s going to be glorious.


We spent the morning finishing all of the shopping, treated ourselves to lunch, came home, got Emma down for a nap and then I rushed to the elementary school for Aiden’s 3rd grade Christmas party.



They had Pinterest-worthy snacks (not by me, I provided paper goods and cups), Christmas Jenga, Christmas Bingo and the highlight- gingerbread man decorating!


I’m 100% certain, all of the kids had more frosting than cookie. I heard one child say “omg, they are letting us use the frosting UNSUPERVISED!!!” Hahaha.  They ended with a dance / clean up party and then a gift exchange.


I still think of him as that little Kindergartner at his first school party!

And now, I’m off to do after school activity pick up and dinner with the inlaws.


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