Challenge Accepted

This morning started off with two hardboiled eggs, a piece of toast with peanut butter and peach jam and a big ol’ glass of Spark mixed with sparkling water. This meal is my go to right now, quick, easy and really filling. All winning things when you’re trying to get 4 kids up and moving in the morning. Well, 3 kids off to school, 1 super cling on toddler who only wants mama in the morning.


After Emma’s morning nap- which is pretty hit or miss lately and I have a feeling once the older kids are out of school for summer break, that morning nap is going to totally disappear because she skips it every weekend when everyone is home. So, after nap, I did 20 minute Turbo Jam. This is one of my favorites- quick and dirty. I can tell my cardio endurance is building because two months ago, twenty minutes was my max, I was a sweaty disgusting out of breath disaster.


Gahh- those under eye bags are b.a.d. when did I get so old?!


I originally bought Turbo Jam way back in 2008 and I have yet to do a full “round.” Which is 90 days; you submit your before and after pictures, weight and measurements and are eligible for some cash prizes. In all of the years I have owned this program, I have stopped and started a million and one times. But, today, I made it official and committed to a 90 day time period.


…and then I sent thatpicture to my coach, Katie– so now I’m really going to be held accountable!

Snack time- chopped kiwi and greek yogurt.


I love when we have leftovers for lunch, because for some reason, lunch is the hardest for me to come up with meals. I love a good sandwich, but sometimes you just want more.


Some for me, some for Emma. You know you’ve had a great lunch when you need a mid-day bath.


Mid clapping saying Yay when I told her she needed a bath. Haha.

Dinner was a family favorite- egg/sausage/hash brown casserole. I topped mine with salsa and sour cream.


Questions of the Day: Favorite meal you have often? Do you have trouble staying consistent? Salsa on eggs or are you broken?


  1. Sandy says:

    I have both T25 and Piyo and I have never completed a challenge. I need some motivation! Now I need to go buy some kiwi, that is one fruit that I really like but forget about!

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