Bunny Pancakes and More

Now that Emma is becoming slightly less dependent on me for all of her entertainment; she’s finally playing with toys and not needing me to hold her all day…I can actually start posting more.  Which is awesome, because it’s hard remembering every detail of the day before and why I took certain pictures. With 4 kids, I’m slowly losing my mind.

Friday morning started off with me thinking it was Saturday – no school for the kids and no work  for the husband. I started the day with 20 minutes of Turbo Jam and finished up with Turbo Sculpt.


Weekend mornings call for delicious breakfasts. While I made myself some salsa/eggs with turkey bacon, the husband made pancakes for him and the kids (pancakes make my blood sugar spike way too high).


Easter bunny pancakes! After running some errands, we came home for a nap for the baby, quiet time for the kids and then we got to work on this stupid sock bag. We have this bag in the laundry room, at the end of folding each load of laundry, each sock without a friend gets thrown into the bag, it was starting to overflow, so it was time to sort and match.



We went to Applebee’s for dinner with my mom, brother and his two kids. The chicken fajita roll up was calling my name. So flipping delicious.


Apparently taking a late nap means 9:30pm party time. She was wide awake and ready to party, but thankfully went to sleep about 15 minutes later…and then slept all night long!!!


…and that brings me to this morning! Now that I’m caught up and said baby is awake, I’ll be back later. Happy Easter weekend!!


  1. jan says:

    I have the same sock situation. It’s crazy how many get separated, and some we never do find the match for (where do they even GO????). And my Easter bunny pancakes looked very similar to yours, only I tried to add chocolate chip faces, making it look really creepy. LOL!

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