Breaking Addictions

…and sadly leaving the 5am workout club. I thought it was going to work, but while Emma is the happiest, easiest toddler on the planet- she SUUCCKKSS at sleeping. One night she’ll sleep 12 hours, the next, she’s up every 45 minutes. I can’t keep killing myself getting an average of 5 hours of sleep a night and being totally useless after 6pm to the rest of the family, so now I need to find another time of day I can workout. I’m thinking that I will do a DVD mid-morning and family walks at the track or around the neighborhood after dinner, now that it’s staying lighter and I think Spring weather is coming back.

One of my biggest weaknesses and addictions is fast food. Diet Coke is a close 2nd. It’s something that I’m literally taking one day at a time,  and it’s hard. I know that fast food is gross and diet coke is horrible for me, but some days it’s just so much easier to drive thru and get me lunch or breakfast than to take the time to make me something.

After looking at our bank account and realizing how much useless $$$ is being spent on this crap. I have cut myself off. I also know it’s the reason my body hasn’t changed. Like at all. I don’t know how much I weigh, but I do know that nothing is fitting better or looser, in fact, my pants wouldn’t even button on Saturday. I don’t want to go back to obsessing about the scale, but I do need to do something. I’m sick of busting my butt and not seeing any noticeable difference. I FEEL different and FEEL better, but come on, I want to start buying some of the outfits I pin on Pinterest and I told myself no new clothes until I make some changes.

Crap. As much as it pains me to admit this- it’s true. All I’m doing and have been doing is maintaining my current body shape. I know that I’ll run faster, longer, workout harder, faster, stronger if I’m eating better, but it’s literally one day and one meal at a time right now.

So much truth. 1 day down. A lifetime to go.


  1. Sandy says:

    I cut out diet soda or all soda a long time ago and it feels great. After cutting it out completely for maybe 6 months, now I will occasionally get a diet coke or pepsi as a fountain soda (I don’t really even like the taste out of a can/bottle anymore) but I don’t need it, I just enjoy a fountain soda sometimes.
    Have you tried seltzer water? I never liked it but started by drinking plain with pomegranate juice added and slowly got myself into drinking the flavored out of the can. I love seltzer now! It gives me the carbonation which feels filling without any of the bad stuff!
    Since starting Weight Watchers I have been going to Subway when I need something quick! I remember wishing every where was a drive through when my kiddos were small though, that is so much easier!!

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