Brain Dump

I let all of this out yesterday to my husband, but it is very helpful to write it out as well. First, let me start by saying that I am 100% done with trying to sell programs, supplements, etc for MLM’s. I have tried and failed twice. Actually, no, 3 times. It’s quite obvious it’s not for me. I’m not knocking those who are successful, seriously more freaking power to you!

I am in a new chapter in life (I hate that phrase, but it’s fitting, so I’m using it.) All 4 of my kids are in school, one is going to graduate, one is almost driving and I’m home with a lot of free time. So I found myself asking- what do I want? Short answer- a fitness empire.

I worked REALLY really hard to get certified as a personal trainer last year, but then I got scared and shy and stopped pursuing a lot of the ideas that I had. I started looking for ways I could use my knowledge without really putting myself out there. I was thinking that I can’t fail if I never try. I started selling someone else’s dream, instead of pursing my own. It’s time I go after my dream.

My ultimate goal- to own a gym, to transform this space from a weight loss blog/diary to a fully functioning website. I LOVE LOVE creating workout plans and programs. In the future, they will be for sale on this site. Some freebies as well. I am also planning on getting the nutrition certification as well with NASM next year.

I’m currently taking a much needed social media posting break. I just can’t right now, I need to focus and hustle. Because first things first, I need to get myself to the healthiest, happiest version of that I can be.

Stay tuned- all support is welcome!!!

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